Frank Peabody III ( 1934) spent his youth and young boyhood in Cincinnati, graduated from Princeton University ( 1956) with a degree in economics. He spent most of his life as a busy executive in Louisville and later in New York City. 

His talent as an accomplished artist did not emerge until after his retirement. Since then, he has aggressively studied throughout the world, developing his own definitive style. His paintings are emotional, evocative and compelling. 

Frank’s inspiration comes from places he travels or simple beauties he witnesses in nature. He finds peace in the contemplative process of painting and those around him find joy and wonder in the results. Frank paints in watercolors constantly exploring new techniques to master this medium. 

Frank presently serves as co chair of an initiative near and dear to his heart CSE, the Collaborative for Spirituality in Education” and the evidence based scientific results it allows. He constantly continues to evolve and grow toward his full development potential. 

“ Painting is adventure for me , having spent my entire career in the business world. In painting, I find peace and serenity. I am drawn by everyday subjects in my life from people to places to varied subjects My challenge is to capture the beauty of these subjects in my paintings and infuse them with emotion, mystery, a dash of drama and on occasion humor.”